Iron On

Nowadays we don’t have to use complicated methods of getting transfers and designs on to materials and clothes and we don’t have to always rely on sewing items on to clothing when we need to. Nowadays we can choose from a range of iron on products that can make our lives much easier here.


Iron on products are simply made with a special backing substance that sticks to a surface or fabric when it is heated. This substance may be already on the item that is to be ironed on or it may be placed on a special back sheet. In either case, putting the item on to the surface where it is to go and running a hot iron over it will transfer the item/image with no fuss.

So, for example, in the past parents would have to sew name labels on all of their children’s school clothes in case they got lost. With iron on name labels, however, this process is simplified as they simply need to run the iron over a label for it to be transferred to the item of clothing. This can also be done with many swimming and scouts/brownies badges as well.

The most commonly used item in the iron on market is probably the t-shirt transfer. Here, you buy a design that comes either with or without a t-shirt and then iron the transfer on to the shirt. This immediately transforms a plain t-shirt into a decorated one. You can buy these transfers ready made or designed or, in some cases you can buy kits that allow you to make your own designs that you then put on to the shirt.

Iron on kits usually include a specialist transfer paper on to which you will make your own design. Nowadays these kits are often designed to be used with computers. So, for example, you could make your design on your screen or find one on the Internet that you like and then simply use your printer and the special transfer paper supplied to print off the design. This is then ready to be used as you wish.

The iron on process can be used commercially via heat press machines to mass produce items of clothing as well. It is also sometimes found at the designer end of the market with some designers using these or similar techniques to produce limited range designs of clothing.